Terms of Use

1. Use of One Harmony Websites

The directories of the website http://www.oneharmony.com (collectively, "the Websites") are operated by Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd. ("ONHM") or its representatives. Please read these terms of usage before using the Websites. Use of the Websites shall be reckoned to constitute acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. This Website Usage Agreement is subject to modification without notice, and users should always confirm their information is up to date.

2. Changes in Services Provided

The services provided on the Websites are subject to modification without notice by ONHM. The Websites' operation may also be suspended without notice momentarily or for extended periods due to maintenance operations, system failure or other reasons.

3. Copyright

ONHM holds copyright of the content of the Websites. Secondary use of the content of the Websites without prior written approval of ONHM is prohibited.

4. Disclaimer

ONHM pays careful attention to the content posted on the Websites. However, ONHM does not guarantee the exactitude of that information. Circumstances obtaining shall have precedence in all ONHM operations. ONHM shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for damages incurred by users of the Websites. Nor shall ONHM bear any responsibility whatsoever for any damages incurred by users resulting from an interruption of services due to maintenance operations, system failure or other reasons.

5. Linking to the Websites

As a rule of thumb, there are no restrictions placed on hyperlinks to the Websites. However, all such hyperlinks should point to the top page (http://www.oneharmony.com) as the URLs of files located in subdirectories are subject to modification without notice. Please refrain from linking to images only and from linking to the content of frames.

6. External Link Disclaimer

The Websites may set hyperlink to third-party websites in order to supplement the information provided herein. The content of third-party websites hyperlinked from the Websites ("external link destinations") is the responsibility of their respective operators. ONHM shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for the content of external link destinations, nor for any damages incurred from their use.

7. Privacy Policy

The Websites require entry of personal information and record that information in a database when performing reservation, inquiry, member registration and other such procedures. ONHM, member hotels of Okura Hotels & Resorts, Nikko Hotels International and Hotel JAL City chain operated by ONHM, certain hotels with which ONHM is affiliated with, certain restaurants operated by Hotel Okura Enterprise Co., Ltd. or Continental Foods Co., Ltd., restaurants operated by Hotel Okura Tokyo Co., Ltd., Hotel Okura Co., Ltd., Hotel Okura Group companies, JAL Group airline companies, and JAL Card Inc. Information thus recorded is not used for any other purpose. Please click here for more details on ONHM privacy policies.