Hotel Okura Kyoto
Hotel Okura Kyoto

Benefits are also applicable at Karasuma Kyoto Hotel.

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Original Benefits

Membership Tier
   Member Loyal Exclusive
Early Check-in 14:00 13:00 13:00
5% off the Best Available Rate *1 per night members only
Welcome Sweets *2 per stay members only -
all staying guests Complimentary Parking Lot *2 per night      
all staying guests Bath Salt *2 per night      
all staying guests Bottled Water per night      

*1 Discounts are not applicable to certain periods and items. For details please contact the hotel.
*2 Applicable at Hotel Okura Kyoto only.
* Free newspaper benefit is applicable at Hotel Okura Kyoto only.

members only
members only
incl. accompanied persons
incl. accompanied persons
all staying guests
all staying guests
per night
per night
per stay
per stay

Hotel Okura Kyoto Premium Selection Benefits
(Karasuma Kyoto Hotel Premium Selection Benefits)

Simply by selecting one of the hotels that offer Premium Selection Benefits in addition to Basic Benefits and Hotel Original Benefits, you can enjoy Premium Selection Benefits offered by your chosen hotel.

What is Premium Selection?

【Stay Benefits】

  • 8 Stay Coupons (20% off from Best Available Rate) *1
  • In addition, one more coupon for members who used more than JPY500,000 for stay or at the direct management restaurants/bars of Hotel Okura Kyoto/Karasuma Kyoto Hotel during a previous year.
  • Late Checkout (12:00) *2
  • Complimentary Luggage Storage at Kyoto Hotel Welcome Lounge (1 item for 1 person and 1 stay) *3
    Deposit at the Welcome Lounge → Receive at the Hotel
    Deposit at the Hotel → Receive at the Welcome Lounge
  • Welcome Drink: For Loyal and Exclusive members *4*5
  • Complimentary Breakfast: For Exclusive members *6
    Hotel Okura Kyoto /"Irifune" Japanese Breakfast・"Orizzonte" Breakfast Buffet
    Karasuma Kyoto Hotel / Breakfast Buffet

【Restaurants and Bars】

  • 10% or 5% discount at the Direct Management Restaurants / Bars (unlimited numbers of time)*7
  • 10% discount Restaurant and Bar:PITTORESQUE, ORIZZONTE, Lec Court, IRIFUNE,
    Toh-Lee, TOKIWA, Chippendale, Room service,
    Toh-Lee in Karasuma Kyoto Hotel, Anchor in Karasuma Kyoto Hotel
  • 5% discount Restaurant and Bar :Panetteria Okura, Take out items(all outlets)
  • *1 Only available within a domestic address in Japan. Coupons are delivered by post about 2 weeks after the registration and to all members even if sending DM is not accepted.
  • *2 Subject to availability on the day.
  • *3 Kyoto Hotel Welcome Lounge is a free lounge for only staying guests located in front of Kyoto Station.
  • *4 Applicable at Hotel Okura Kyoto only.
  • *5 Applicable persons: Member and companion(Apply only during the stay period, with subjected menu)
  • *6 Applicable persons: Member and companion for Hotel Okura Kyoto, Member only for Karasuma Kyoto Hotel(Apply only during the stay period)
  • *7 Discounts and Coupons are not applicable to certain periods and items. For details please contact the hotel.

【Referral person of the wedding venue】

  • Over 30 attendees : 2,500 points
  • Over 50 attendees : 5,000 points
  • *This benefits cannot be used together with the original wedding benefits.
  • *Applicable at Hotel Okura Kyoto only.
  • *Restrictions may apply to the use of these benefits.

Birthday Benefits

Please click here for Applicable Rooms for Birthday Special Rate.

Please click here for Applicable Restaurants of Complimentary Birthday Cake or alternative.

Wedding Benefits

Eligible for the bride, the groom, or the referral person of the wedding venue:

  • Over 30 attendees : 5,000 points
  • Over 50 attendees : 10,000 points
  • * Points can be credited to either the referral person of the wedding venue, the groom, or the bride.
  • * Applicable at Hotel Okura Kyoto only.
  • * Hotel original benefits may not be available depending upon conditions on the day.

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